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Fun Facts: The Burgundy Red Wine Glass
Fun Facts: The Burgundy Red Wine Glass
Jan 01, 2018

Notice the wide bowl shape of the Burgundy wine glass.


As we explained in the Bordeaux red wine glass article, altering the shape of the wine glass can affect your perception of a wine.

The Burgundy wine glass has a bigger and wider bowl area compared to conventional wine glasses. Burgundy red wines are made from the Pinot Noir grape. This wine grape is delicate and is not as expressive on the nose as most other wine grapes. A bigger bowl area is created to capture as much of its bouquet as possible.


The glass also allows the wine to concentrate on hitting the tip of your tongue first. This area is most sensitive to sweet sensations. This highlights the fruit in the wine and moderates the tartness of the Pinot Noir.

Though it must be said, you can still enjoy a Burgundy wine without this specific wine glass. Consider it fun addition to your stemware collection.

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