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Fun Facts: How to Read a French Wine Label
Fun Facts: How to Read a French Wine Label
Jan 01, 2018

The wine label from a Chateau Latour bottle

French wine labels are simple and easy to read.

On the label, you can find comprehensive information on the wine.

The only major element not found on the label is the blend of grape varieties used to make the wine. The grape varieties used are assumed as a given because of wine region regulations that control the varieties that can be used.

Match the description number below with the number of the label image above:

1 - The name of the estate

2 - Indication of the ranking. Chateau Latour is a Premier Grand Cru aka ‘First Growth’ wine

3 - The region and appellation of the wine

4 - The vintage of the wine

5 - Alcohol content

6 - Volume of wine in the bottle

So now you can test yourself by picking up a wine label and reading its label!

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