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Introduction to French Wine In Burgundy From Eleonore Moreau
Introduction to French Wine In Burgundy From Eleonore Moreau
Feb 28, 2022

The Moreau family has been farming their own 13 hectares of vines organically for over a decade, though long sold their fruit off to negociants. When Eléonore took over the vinification in 2016, she insisted on unusually long aging for all the wines, organic certification, and rigorous attention to work in the vines and the cellar. Eléonore has a rare vision in Chablis, focused on producing exceptional wines while remaining an excellent steward of their land. 

The vines were all planted by Eléonore's father in the early 1980s on land that the family has owned for generations in Poilly-sur-Serein, located in the southeast corner of the Chablis appellation on typical clay-limestone terroir. Laurent Moreau was in a prime position when the Chablis appellation was expanded to include Poilly-sur-Serein (which had been covered with vines for centuries until the late 19th century).

For years, Laurent ran a polyculture farm, growing grapes and selling them to the cooperative, alongside grains and milk from their herd of dairy cows. Since her return to the family Domaine in 2011, Eléonore has been completely focused on producing wine, while members of her extended family continue the other aspects of the family farm. 

The wine is vinified in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks and then aged for 12-18 months on the lees in stainless steel, an unusually long time for Chablis, where wines are often released less than six months after harvest. Moreau produces relatively equal quantities of Chablis and Petit Chablis. The wines are produced in the same exact fashion from vineyard to bottle. The difference is the terroir - Petit Chablis is grown on Portlandian limestone, while Chablis comes from Kimmeridgian limestone.


Eleonore Moreau Petit Chablis 2020 $49.90

Lively and mineral, with slight tangy notes, Petit Chablis from Domaine Eléonore Moreau will be perfect as an aperitif, with gougères or to accompany oysters. A very nice vintage.

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Eleonore Moreau Chablis 2020 $52.20 (UP $58)

Lively and fruity, with slight tart notes, Petit Chablis is drunk young and is very appreciated as an aperitif, with gougères or oysters. It will awaken your taste buds and open your appetite.

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