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Wine Terms: Bordeaux Cru Bourgeois
Wine Terms: Bordeaux Cru Bourgeois
Jan 01, 2018

It’s ok to get lost in the Bordeaux wine region, through the different wine appellations and classifications, is a nightmare. 


What is the main difference between appellations and classifications?

Classifications are done among a specific appellation. They are supposed to tell you what are the best wines produced. The most famous classification is from 1855.

At that time, Napoleon III decided to get an official ranking of all the wines before the Universal exhibition the same year. 


What is a Cru Bourgeois wine?

The Cru Bourgeois is a classification used for fine wines from the Medoc appellation. Even though it comes from the Middle age time, Cru Bourgeois is one of those classifications that were not officially acknowledged in 1855. Being located in the left bank of Bordeaux river, the Medoc wines are made mostly Cabernet sauvignon, a grape variety that gives riper, richer and some of the best wines in the world. 


4 things you need to know about Cru Bourgeois wines

1- Cru Bourgeois is the only classification renewed every year

2- The Cru Bourgeois classification is based only on blind tasting.

3- Over 25% of all the wines from Medoc region are classified under the Cru Bourgeois ranking

4- The first classification Cru Bourgeois was out in 1932 for 444 estates. Today, only 267 chateaux are classified under Cru Bourgeois.


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