Wine Tips: How long can you keep a bottle opened?
Wine Tips: How long can you keep a bottle opened?
Jan 01, 2018

Wines can be kept for a certain time, after that it’s done: the wine spoils. And all of this is due to oxidation: in the first hours, oxidation is good for the wine, the flavors are more present, and then the wine decreasingly loses in quality. We give you simple tips to know how long you can keep your bottle and how to keep it even longer! 


How long to keep a bottle of Champagne?

The joy of the Champagne is the sparkling! But sparkling disappears really fast: after one minute the bubbles vanish, after few minutes the sparkling is done. So it’s better to drink Champagne or any sparkling wines right after opening. Don’t wait more than a day anyway. 


How long to keep a bottle of wine?

Smelling like ripened apple? Game over. The wine is over oxidized. Apple is the signature smell of a wine that has been left opened too long. Over time wines become heavier in taste. And if you really wait that long it transforms into vinegar. That’s why a few days (5 - 7 max) is the maximum you can keep an opened bottle. 


How long to keep a bottle of sweet wine?

Sweet wines are… sweet. That’s because the grapes used are more concentrated in natural sugar: the harvest is a while later than for normal wines. Sweetness is a natural ally for the conservation of your wine. It prevents the microorganisms to spoil the wine. Finish the bottle of sweet wine in a couple of weeks after the opening. Do not wait more than one month. 


Simple tips to keep a bottle longer

1- Seal it tight: That seems obvious. Use the cork or any device to seal your bottle back. And make sure it’s tight.

2- Keep it in the fridge: The cold prevents the bacteria to attack you wine and to turn it into vinegar. That’s a good thing. Do not forget to take your bottle out a while before serving.

3- Use a pump: Taking some air out of the bottle can give you a maximum of 24hrs for your bottle of wine.


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