Wine Tips: How to Hold a Wine Glass The Right Way
Wine Tips: How to Hold a Wine Glass The Right Way
Jan 01, 2018

Oops… Holding a wine glass the wrong way can be embarrassing.

Holding a wine glass correctly is very important. Not only does it have implications for your image, it has practical implications as well. One of the biggest and most common mistakes of holding a wine glass is by the bowl section. In terms of style, holding a wineglass the wrong way at a party can be ugly and painful to watch. Practically, holding the wine glass by the bowl area can heat up the wine. Since the ideal serving temperature of most wines is at most 17 degrees Celsius, hand contact with the bowl area can bring the wine out of its optimum temperature range fairly quickly. The correct way to hold the glass is by pinching the stem with your index finger and thumb: 


Ahhh… Much better!

Holding your wine this way will help keep the wine closer to the optimum serving temperature.

So next time, to take care of both your image and your wine, remember to hold your glass by the stem!


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