Fun Facts: The Different Wine Bottle Sizes
Fun Facts: The Different Wine Bottle Sizes
Jan 01, 2018

Wine bottles don’t just come in one single size.


 Have you seen a massive-sized wine bottle a restaurant before?

Those are not just for display. You can actually purchase and consume them in the restaurant.

The ‘common’ bottle size that you will find on our website is 750ml (why? click here). If visit a restaurant and happen to be in the mood to order a bottle that’s bigger (or smaller) than the common bottle size, we’ve got you covered.

Find the list of names for the different wine bottle sizes and their respective volumes below:

Piccolo’ - 187.5ML (quarter bottle)

‘Demi’ - 375ML (half bottle

 ‘Standard Bottle’ - 750ML (the common bottle size)

'Magnum’ - 1.5L (2 bottles)

‘Jeroboam’ - 3L (4 bottles)

‘Methuselah’ - 8L (10.6 bottles)

 ‘Salmanazar’ - 9L (12 bottles)

‘Balthazar’ - 12L (16 bottles)

‘Nebuchadnezzar’ - 15L (20 bottles)


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