Wine Tips: How to Open a Bottle of Champagne (with Style)
Wine Tips: How to Open a Bottle of Champagne (with Style)
Jan 01, 2018

Follow these 5 steps below to open your bottle with style, as a sommelier at a restaurant would.


1- Unwrap the top section of foil that protects the cork


 2- Press your left thumb down on the top of the wire cage that holds the cork. Remember to press down the top of the cage to avoid the cork from popping out prematurely. Unscrew the wire cage with your right hand, but keep your left thumb pressing down on the cage.


3- Hold the bottle at a 45 degree angle. While keeping your left thumb pressed down on the wire cage, shift your right hand to grip the base of the bottle.


4- With the cage still on for this whole step, rotate the base of the bottle with your right hand while your left thumb is still placed on the top of the wire cage. As you feel the cork of the bottle about to come out, slow the rotation down. Let the gas out of the bottle slowly. You should hear a nice ‘fizz’ sound.


5- Pour into your glass and enjoy your first sip of bubbly!


Tip: To reduce foam formation and make the pouring task easier, tilt the receiving glass at a 45 degree angle as you pour slowly into the glass. This gives a more controlled pour and makes you look like a pro sommelier.

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