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Wine Pairing: Steak with Wine
Wine Pairing: Steak with Wine
Jan 01, 2018

A classic pairing of steak and wine


It’s a food and wine match that’s always enjoyable.

Beef is a bold and flavorful meat. Have the steak cooked to medium rare to seal in the tenderness and flavour whilst keeping the steak moist.


In order to have a good pairing, you need to choose a wine with strong and bold flavors. The wine chosen can even have a high level of tannins. This is because the protein and fat in meat can help ‘soften’ the tannins in a wine.

A full-bodied and bold wine, Bordeaux or Rhone, will do well here.

The specific wine that we have chosen for this pairing is the a red wine from Rhone. 

The wine does well to amplify the flavors from the meat. It tannins are delicate, making it easy to drink.

A nice alternative is to pair it with a beautiful Corsica island wine, made of Nielluccio Clos Lucciardi, Corsica, 2012. Especially with a barbecue grilled beef steak, yummy!

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