Wine Terms: Sommelier
Wine Terms: Sommelier
Jan 01, 2018

Nicolas Rebut - Our Wine Sommelier

The term ‘Sommelier’ gets used a lot in restaurant circles.

A Sommelier is also known as a wine steward. He or she is one who has extensive knowledge on both cuisine and wine. The knowledge on cuisine is needed because the sommelier is relied on to recommend a suitable wine to accompany the main dinner dish. The dish is often chosen first and a pairing wine is picked to match. Many times, these sommeliers go through rigorous courses to expand their knowledge and train their palate. Those who pass prestigious courses such as the Master Sommelier course go on to be sommeliers in renowned high-end restaurants. They are regarded as authorities on the subject of wine. At The French Cellar, Nicolas Rebut is the sommelier selecting the 2 bottles that our subscribers receive each month. Nicolas has been Chef Sommelier in a 3-star Michelin restaurant, ‘Le Louis XV’, which is managed by Alain Ducasse. In 2005, he left for Paris to become Chef Sommelier of ‘Le Meurice’ (3-star Michelin), where he managed a team of 7 sommeliers. 

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