Wine Tips: Service Temperature
Wine Tips: Service Temperature
Jan 01, 2018


The right serving temperature is essential to get the best out of your wine

Question: What’s the best temperature to enjoy my wine?

To enjoy your wine at its best, the serving temperature is highly essential. Too cold, and the wine becomes “closed” and not expressive at all. Too warm, and the alcohol sensation will overwhelm the aromas.

Champagne and sparkling wines should be served at 9°- 10°C (your refrigerator’s temperature is 4°C). Dry white wines should be enjoyed at 11 - 12°C while the red wines are at their best at 16 - 17°C.

It is recommended to serve the wine a little cooler than the recommended temperatures above as wine can warm up quickly - even the contact with the glass instantly warms it by 2 to 3°C. To get an accurate temperature measurement, use a wine thermometer.


If your wine goes above the recommended temperatures, immerse your wine bottle in a mixture of ice and cold water. This chills the bottle much quicker than ice alone because the water in the mixture allows more contact to the bottle. In terms of time, it may take about 10 minutes to chill a red wine compared to 30 minutes for a Champagne. Do not put the wine in a freezer.

If your wine is too cold, pour it into your glass and cup your hands around it. Your body temperature will slowly warm the wine up. -Special Promotion


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