Dance Your Way to Malay-Indo Cuisine and French Wines!
Dance Your Way to Malay-Indo Cuisine and French Wines!
Apr 04, 2020
Lunar New Year is just around the corner and we are so excited to eat everything that is in our way! Lucky for us, our no corkage partner restaurant, Dancing Fish, is offering a special CNY menu this year, blending their Malay-Indo cuisine with Chinese influences.

 So let’s see how this special menu and wines dance together in our mouth. A “Gavotte à la Indonesia”, if you will.
 Good Fortune Dancing Fish

Dancing Fish’s signature dish with a CNY touch, Good Fortune Dancing Fish, features a deep fried fish served with Indonesian spice soy sauce with peanuts, vegetables and chilli peppers: the ultimate recipe to make your mouth water. It can be paired with white, rosé and red wines, as long as the selection is chosen carefully.

 White: The fried fish has its own charm without the sauce: the golden skin and soft white meat go hand-in-hand with a glass of Gaillac Blanc 2017. This crisp, sapid white wine bursting with citrus flavours brings out the flavour of the meat, and the smooth acidity cleanses the palate for another twist and twirl in one’s mouth.

 Rosé: With the sauce in the picture, the passionate duo between the fried fish and spicy sauce can be elevated to a trio with the Bordeaux rosé from Haut Bessac. The crisp dry rosé mellows the spiciness of the sauce, while adding fruity aromas to the overall flavour. Its light body blends greatly with the soft fish meat.

 Red: Lastly, for a big mouthful of all the components - peanut, red onion, long bean, sauce, fish - the red wine Haut Branda 2016 is the potent conductor to the ensemble. With medium, silky tannins, the Haut Branda offers a cherry-and-spice-infused note to the Indonesian sauce. The wine has a full body and a long-enough finish to embrace all the ingredients.
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 Abundance Platter

Dancing Fish’s Abundance Platter is an abundant platter alright (refer to the photo). The charcoal-grilled marinated chicken strips and fresh pomelo salad with baby squid and jellyfish call seductively for a glass of red wine, and the Haut Branda 2016 answers with equal lust.
 As the chicken meat is lightly charred on the outside, the Haut Branda 2016’s tannins accentuate the texture of the skin. On the other hand, the tender and moist inner meat gives space for the cherry and raspberry flavours of the wine to seep in discreetly. Luckily enough, the fresh seafood salad has a spicy kick from Indonesian spices, the zest of which is powerful enough to overcome the medium-bodied red wine.

 Fresh Water Prawns with Spicy Red Curry Pineapple

The red colour of the Fresh Water Prawns represents the festive season as well as the festive spirit of Dancing Fish restaurant. Like the Good Fortune Dancing Fish, the prawns can be paired with different types of wine to match its sauce made of tumeric, coconut milk, curry and tropical fruits.

 White: The Gaillac Blanc 2017 is surprisingly different from when paired with the Dancing fish dish. Like a mid-tempo waltz, the wine graciously prances around the soft prawn meat, and emits a very fruity aroma that cuts through the red curry sauce. It’s almost as if the fruity aroma is combined with the pineapple flavour of the sauce.

 Rosé: Bordeaux rosé from Haut Bessac go very well with seafood, especially when the seafood is slightly spicy. The spiciness of the sauce is counterbalanced with the delicate citrus aromas like grapefruit and red fruits like wild strawberry and redcurrant.

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