How long can you keep an uncorked wine?
How long can you keep an uncorked wine?
Apr 08, 2020
Uncorked wines should be kept within a limited time-frame and it is mainly due to oxidation. The first hour of oxidation enhances the flavour of the wine while overexposure to air reduces its quality greatly.

 So, how long can a bottle of wine be kept?

 Red wines, in general, should not be kept for more than 2 days (in a wine chiller). Once oxidised, the colour of the wine darkens, tastes stale and it loses its aromas. In principle, red wines can be kept for a length of time since it has a higher alcohol and sugar content (which acts as a preservative).

 White wines should never be left overnight. It is easily damaged by light and loses its acidic flavour when overexposed to air. If you have to keep an opened bottle of white wine, be sure to store them under artificial blue light (like in a wine chiller) or in complete darkness and at the right temperature- 10 to 15-degree Celsius.

 Sparkling wines, like Champagne, should be consumed right away. The bubbles in a sparkling wine escape within a few minutes. There is no point to them if it loses its fizziness. Be sure to drink it chilled, for the best experience!

 All in all, it is important to finish the wines as soon as it is opened. Unlike red wines, white wines and sparkling wines should be consumed almost immediately so that the wines do not lose its flavours and characteristics. If there is a dire need to store them overnight, be sure to keep them in under artificial blue lights (in a wine chiller) or in complete darkness and ensure that bottles are sealed tightly.

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