Mooncake Festival
Mooncake Festival
Feb 24, 2020

Mid Autumn Festival - a time to savour delicious mooncakes and sip exquisite wines!

Traditionally, mooncakes are consumed with hot tea, clean the palette from the richness of the lotus paste. However, when paired with wine, the beverage will enhance the after taste that lingers in the mouth.

A good pairing with the traditional single yolk-lotus paste mooncake is Gewurztraminer Grand Cru Hengst, Domaine Josmeyer, 2007. This off-dry Alsace wine, that is from the Josmeyer domaine, offers intense notes of lychees, a typical example of the Gewurztraminer grape variety. The consistency of the lotus paste reveals the smoothness of the wine, creating an intimate pairing.

Have a sip, take a bite and have a sip again to unveil the characteristic of the wine!

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