Rosé wine, the best summer drink! 
Rosé wine, the best summer drink! 
Feb 24, 2020

Rosé wine, the best summer drink! Also (in our opinion), the best wine for Singapore!

In France, the amount of Rosé wines consumed during the two months of summer exceeds the total consumption of white wines in the entire year. Why so?

In the summer heat of 34 degree celsius (and all year round in Singapore), Rosé wine, which is meant to be served chilled, is the best option since it is the most refreshing type of wine.

Over the past 15 years, there has been a 30% increase in demand for rosé as people realise that it is an extremely cooling beverage for the summer heat. The drink is always served in an ice bucket, to meet the serving temperature of 7 degree celsius.

To enjoy this beverage at it’s best, food pairings like barbecue meat, seafood or pizza are the most sought after dishes in France. In our sunny island, spicy local dishes such as Laksa, Sambal Stingray and Chilli Crab, are excellent to pair with a refreshing rosé . The fruitiness and freshness of the rosé wine soothes the spiciness in the dish to create a well balanced food and wine pairing.

Since it is summer all year round in Singapore, it will never be too late to give this beverage a try! Check out the most popular rosé selection on our store: Camille Rosé, Domaine de Turenne, 2017

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