Wine Tips: How To Pour Wine With Style
Wine Tips: How To Pour Wine With Style
Jan 01, 2018

Pouring wine can be a tricky task.


Has someone ever stared at you when you poured wine for them?

If yes, you may have felt the pressure to make a clean pour. It’s not nice to have wine dripping down the bottle’s neck.

Many who are new to wine are with you in feeling this pressure. But worry not, as we are to help you pour with style. Just follow any of these 3 ways of pouring:


1- Add a slight twist at the end of the pour

After you pour close to the desired amount, tilt the bottle backwards to slow the pour and twist the bottle either clockwise or counterclockwise slightly. This changes the direction of the wine’s flow relative to the neck of the bottle which almost eliminates any dripping.


2- Use a towel to wipe off any drips after the pour

Using this method, pour the wine out of the bottle as per usual. Once you’re done pouring, immediately wipe away any drips on the bottle’s neck with a towel. This ensures that neck and lip of the bottle stay dry and clean.


3- Attach a drop stopper to the end of the bottle

Drop stoppers are an accessory that you can buy from a wine shop. They are round, flat foils that you can curl up and place inside the neck of the bottle. Because of its surface, drops of wine tend to stick to it instead of dripping downwards. The image below shows where the drop stopper fits in the neck of the bottle.


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