Kinkon Junmai Ginjo Edo Sake Oji

69 SGD

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Sommelier's Notes

Recommend drunk chilled. well paired with Papillote fish. Halibut and Tilapia are also a good choice.

Appellation: Junmai Ginjo - 60% Polish
Region: Japan
Estate: Toshimaya Honten
Grapes: Rice Type: Kinuhikari
Did you know?: This sake is made from rice grown entirely in Tokyo, and is made with "Edo" yeast. It is a re-imagination of a premium sake made in the Edo Period (1603 to 1868)
White, Clear
Plum, fruit vinegar
Taste a bit like fruit vinegar, It's refreshing high acidity style is reminiscent of wine, with its mature plum flavours.
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