Wine Terms: The Finish
Wine Terms: The Finish
Jan 01, 2018


Here’s something worth considering:

Focus on the lingering sensation in your mouth the next time you swallow your wine. That is known as the finish of the wine. It is the final impression that you get from the tasting process. There are a few things that wine professionals focus on when evaluating the finish.

When just starting out, many wine drinkers only look at the length of the finish. In other words, how long the lingering feeling stays on their palate. However, there is much more to the finish than that. Though the length is a very telling factor on the quality of the wine, you should learn to look beyond that.

Among many other things, wine professionals judge the wine’s flavor and texture after it’s swallowed. Do you notice some spiciness, minerality, sweetness, or harshness after you swallow?

So go ahead, describe to yourself the flavor and texture of the finish the next time you take a sip of wine. It’s an exercise to train your palate.

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